Event Planning Tips
  1. Keep your self organized.  Record all payments you
    have made and all upcoming payments due, keep all signed contracts and
    update your vendors as soon as a change is necessary.  Get all changes in
    written form and keep everything in one location.


  2. Once you have worked out your budget, stick with
    it.  Keep track of the finances as you go, so you won’t be over budget
    later, when it may be too late.


  3. Shop around for your vendors.  Find the companies
    that will work best with your ideas, budget, guest count and tastes.


  4. Keep your guests in mind when selecting your
    vendors.  Are there any mobility issues, adequate restroom facilities, any
    dietary restrictions, will the children be entertained, is there enough for
    everyone to be comfortable, can they accommodate your guest count?


  5. If your event is in an unfamiliar location, or you
    have a lot of out of town guests, make sure everyone (guests and vendors)
    have a detailed map and an estimated travel time to the event.  You might
    want to consider valet parking or bus rental to make it easier.


  6. Make sure your rental reservations include a few
    extras.  You may have a few unexpected guests or breakage.


  7. The weather in Montana always keeps us guessing. 
    Do you have an inclement weather plan?  Ask your venue, caterer and rental
    company for their suggestions- they will know how to handle it best. 
    Not to mention you will get some good stories too.


  8. Ask for help and advice whenever you need it.  It
    is what your vendors do.


  9. And finally, the most important tip- relax,
    have a great time, dance to the music you selected, enjoy the menu that was
    prepared for you, and spend time with the people who are there to see you.